What the CIO is neglecting

I’ve been eavesdropping a bit lately. Sneaking around dark suits in fancy venues filled to the brim with words like digitization, sourcing and mobility. It was, in other words, very nice and interesting which it usually is when my colleagues at CIO Sweden arrange these sort of events.

158 of the CIO:s had participated in a big survey and for me it showed a few very interesting results. Only one third saw technical skills as the foremost strength as a CIO. Highest on the list was business knowledge followed by communications and leadership skills together with a holistic view on processes.

Furthermore technical skills was not of greater importance when handling the duties as a CIO. Most important was good understanding of business processes, communication skills and the ability to think strategic. The CIO does not spend much time on IT operations. The most time is spent on communications with the board, internal customers and strategic planning.

Paradoxically the CIO sees the lack of IT competence and flawed understanding of IT as a great hurdle communicating with the board. The CIO also has great difficulties showing the value and benefit of IT to the board.

As I see it. If you don’t value the technical skills yourself and spend time to update your own knowledge you’re going to have a tough time convincing others.

Or even shorter. Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house.

Or wait. Just put everything in the cloud and you’ll be allright.

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