Don’t forget about Chuck

History is written by winners, somebody said. And by all means, Apple is perhaps more than ever seen as the winner in the IT industry right now. Even though the passing of Steve Jobs stirred the community, the bibliography, which I truly enjoyed reading, built the cult of Steve even stronger.

A feature film is on the way and right as I write this a Key Note is taking place revealing new products and services from Apple. Millions of people wait in anticipation.

So Apple takes credit for a lot of things, including pioneering the personal computer.

But don’t forget about Chuck.

This is one of the true inventors of personal computing that has, in my opinion, not seen enough of the spotlight. He invented the 6502 microprocessor while working at MOS Technology. This is the CPU that harbors in famous machines like the Apple II, VIC-20, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), peripherals like printers and believe it or not pinball machines.

Chuck Peddle made a bigger stir than most in the technology business. He had a vision about a microprocessor revolution and it all started with the 6502. Later on he also fathered the Commodore PET and even though a bit reluctant he made the VIC-20 possible, the first computer to sell more than one million (even though the Woz in error have mentioned Apple II was first to reach the million).

Would it not have been for internal politics most of us could have been using PET clones right now instead of IBM PC clones or Macs as Commodore decided to go for home computing instead of business computing.

Then this post would have been named: don’t forget about the Woz.

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