Age of the local cloud


PRISM is shaking the industry. Clearer than ever price comes at the cost of privacy and integrity. No price tag, as in the case of most consumer clouds, means no privacy.

I hope most consumers are getting aware of it and I hope most companies are acting on it.

Sad as it might be, that this is the global society we have built using technology, there are possible ways to a better digital realm.

American cloud services are under scrutiny and the timing for boosting local services, whether it be continental, national or regional, are right now.

I’m pretty sure you could migrate thousands of customers from for example mail services at Google and Microsoft in a jiffy if you built a safe, fast, free, local and non-tapped service of equivalent quality. It probably doesn’t even have to be free, and maybe it could even be of slightly less quality. There will still be hordes of users that will move given the choice, awareness on privacy is on the rise.

Local cloud services have a great opportunity right now, I sincerely hope they will grab it.

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