Journalist and Technologist

I’m a Journalist, Digital Content Producer, Public Speaker, and former Editor-in-Chief at IDG publications TechWorld and Computer Sweden.

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With a background as a Test Editor at the legendary computer magazine MikroDatorn, I’ve made a journey from the smallest components to IT solutions on a global scale. I know tech and how to communicate so that many understand.

2015 I founded Teknikministeriet, a company that does high-quality journalism focusing on tech and science as well as content marketing, helping companies and organizations to reach out with storytelling and digital marketing.

In short: I tell stories about how technology and science make our world better.

It all started with a Commodore 64

When I was eight I saw a computer for the first time. A Commodore 64.

It was magic.

Since then computers have been my life, and technology my passion. I built my first own computer when I was 12 and have worked with IT and tech my entire life. I even came third in an Intel server-building competition once and won a Segway.

I love publishing and producing content, no matter if it’s written, sound, images or video.

I guess what makes me unique is being a technologist and a humanist in the same package.

Your go-to guy

I’ve got over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, in the past working as a developer, IT, and Marketing Manager. I’ve worked in many different roles, but it has always revolved around tech and science.

I’ve published thousands of articles and earned a solid knowledge of the industry and major technologies through the years.

If you’re a tech publication or company that wants to reach out and get attention in the Nordics, I’m your go-to guy.

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